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Virtual Deck DJ Mixing Suite Editor's Review

'Virtual Deck DJ Mixing Suite' is a DJ's console. You can mix your tracks together in order to create your own custom audio files. As an input file, many file types are accepted including WAV, WMA, MP3, or CDA. Among other features, you have a playlist editor, pitch controls, and media search editor. If you want to create a file mix you can use the inbuilt recorder. After you finish one or more of these recordings you can burn them on to adisk with the help of the inbuilt burner. There are multiple settings for you to apply in order to obtain a professional audio mix. With a little help provided by the 'Help' file even a unexperienced person can use this program.

While testing the program I've tried spinning the disc on the deck with the mouse but I wasn't able to do it. What's the point of showing two big decks if you can spin or scratch them. That's useless space occupied by 2 big pictures. I can't say that I enjoyed testing the program because it seems that the producer has found a way to annoy everyone who tries to test it. There's an annoying sound played repeatedly after a number of seconds.

The user interface should be redesigned for the next release. This one looks oldish and dusty.


Drawbacks / flaws: You cant really test it because of the annoying sound and the user interface looks old.

In conclusion: I look forward for the next version hopping that they will redesign the interface and will find another way to protect their software.

version reviewed: 1.0

Virtual Deck DJ Mixing Suite Publisher's Description

Mix your favorite tracks together in RealTime and create your own audio Mix CD's. Accepts any audio files from your Hard Drive including WAV,WMA,MP3 and CDA. Features a playlist editor, pitch controls, media search utility, audio CD creator and more. This works just like two real decks where you can mix each track together and beat match them to sound...

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